Our New, More Sustainable Packaging

So it has taken a little while to get here but we finally have started to change our packaging. We loved the style of the old design but it has always been our goal to tackle the single-use issue with our boxes. The card stock we had used was recycled unbleached and sustainably sourced. However, it never sat comfortably with us that we were using a single-use design and material. Yes, the packaging was 100% recyclable but single-use products of any type are not ok. Our hope has always been that people would use the boxes like we do but we felt we could do better.


Each of our Quick-Lock micro racks for saddle bags now comes with a tool roll that replaces the need for our old packaging. The three small pockets can take multi tools, spare cables, tyre leavers, patches whatever little gubbins you carry in your kit and can fit in the little pockets. The larger pouch will take some of the bigger tools you might want to carry too.

In the next few months, we aim for all our Quick-Lock mounts (micro racks for bicycle saddle bags)  to be shipped with our free tool roll instead of our previous single use box.