About Us

frost and sekers charlie sekers and nigel frost

 Nigel Frost and Charlie Sekers

We are both cyclists who take our bikes everywhere.

When we develop products it is with this in mind:

What are the most important things for people who use their bike every day?  

Frost and Sekers is a cycling accessory brand making products for everyday cycling that are designed to last. We develop products for cyclists who are looking for practical and stylish solutions. Made for cyclists by cyclists.

Frost and Sekers otherwise known as Nigel and Charlie are the co-creators of the Company and brand. Nigel and Charlie found there was an absence of the kind of bike bags they were looking for. As daily cyclists who both own a number of different types of bikes, they both struggled to find luggage that worked well on the bike and off the bike whilst looking smart too.


Bicycle fitted with Frost and Sekers saddle bag and quick-release micro rack