Why the Quick Lock?

Frost and Sekers bag mounted with Quick Lock

Our aim with the Quick-Lock was to try to achieve Three things.

One: Create a bike rack system that would fit on the widest possible variety of bikes possible. From race bikes to folding bikes to Tandems, as bike lovers, we ride all manner of bikes. We wanted a bag and mounting system that would work on all our bikes.

Two: We also wanted our system to work on the widest variety of bags possible. Our Quick-Lock micro rack will work on almost any saddle bag on the market. We wanted to make something that would work for bag designers and makers as well as it would for cyclists too.

Three: Design a system focused around daily use and reliability that allows you to easily and securely mount a saddle bag to your bike and lets you remove it without needing to fiddle about with little straps.

So whether you have a converted race bike Fixed gear or a folding king pin, as long as your bike has a saddle and a seatpost, the chances are you can use our Quick-lock.

Regardless of which saddle bag suits your ride, you can attach it to your bike with our Quick-lock too. So whichever saddle Bag you want to attach to your bike, our own Marvin and Otis or even a Carradice, Wizard Works, Swift Industries, Brooks, Ortlieb, Fabio’s Chest; whatever you want really. You can use a Frost and Sekers Quick-Lock - our own micro rack system.

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