Marvin Saddle Bag + Quick-lock Saddle bag Mount for Brompton

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Includes: Marvin Compact Bag, Quick-lock Mount

Orders will ship with the updated handle design which you can see here.

Frost and Sekers Marvin internal organiser features
The Marvin Compact Saddle Bag has a re-designed profile and an integrated lined internal structure. This keeps the bottom of your bag off the wheels of your bike while also staying comfortable to wear on the shoulder like a messenger bag. 
  • Water repellent
  • Durable wax cotton duck canvas
  • Natural leather straps
  • Nickel-plated brass buckles
  • Weight 850 grams
  • Size 28x20x34cm; accommodates a 13 inch laptop.
  • Capacity 12 liters
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • Includes seat post strap
  • Includes Quick-lock handle/Seatpost straps


      Quick-lock Brompton

      A quick-release Saddle bag mount system, designed specifically for Brompton seatposts. Attach the straps of your bag to the Quick-lock’s handle and attach the mount under the Bromptons saddle, then slot the handle into the mount to secure to your bike with a satisfying click. 

      All Quick-locks come with the stainless steel design, not the Beech wood design featured in some of our photos. The accompanying fabric wrap is included with all our bags.

      We have designed the Quick-lock, the saddle bag mount, to be so easy to use it can be used one-handed; a short sharp pull will detach the handle from the mount.

      • Weatherproof
      • 0.356kg
      • Stainless steel and Waxed cotton handle (included with the bag)
      • Installed under saddle